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Most people focus on the bride’s dress, not the groom’s suit. It may seem like there are many more choices for women’s dresses, but that does not mean it is easier to choose a suit for the groom. A number of typical mistakes can be made when choosing a suit that can make the groom look bad.

Buying a suit that you did not like during the fitting

If you are unsure what is wrong with the suit but are confused when you look at yourself in the mirror, then it is better not to buy that suit. A good suit will make your figure look better, and it should be noticeable. It is especially important on a day like a wedding.

The wrong size selected

Any person knows the size of the clothes and shoes he wears, but when choosing a suit, he should sit perfectly and not loose, like a jumper or sweatshirt. Don’t mistake buying a suit 1-2 sizes too big! The shoulder seams of the jacket should match the line of your shoulders, and lie flat, without folds or deflections. Check how the jacket fits when buttoned up – if there are wrinkles, then you have chosen the wrong size jacket.

Refusal to have a suit fitted by a tailor

The way the suit sits on you affects how people see you. Even an expensive suit can make a wrong impression if it doesn’t fit well. It is not about a bad size mismatch but smaller details. For example, the sleeves shouldn’t be too long – ideally, the shirt should peek out from under the jacket by 1.5-2 centimeters. In the same way, the trousers should be hemmed, so they don’t gather at your feet.

suit fitted by a tailor

Thoughtless style

A black men’s suit is too formal for a happy day like a wedding. A good alternative is charcoal gray. Another thing to remember is that calm colors are more appropriate in winter, and brighter colors are more appropriate in summer.

Too bright colors and patterns

You should not wear flashy colors if you want to look elegant. The same goes for patterns – small ones are good, but large and bright ones will make you look like a clown.

Jacket and trousers that don’t match

The top and bottom of a suit do not have to be the same color or pattern, but it is best not to try things made from different fabrics. For example, a jacket and pants made of different fabrics cannot be called a suit!

Inappropriate shoes

Your shoes should match your style. For example, casual shoes will not look good if you wear a classic, strict suit. Also, wearing brown shoes with black pants or black shoes with brown pants is not recommended.

suit jackets

Buttoned bottom button

Most men’s suit jackets have two or three buttons, but it is not common to button the bottom button, so the fabric does not stretch. So the only time you would button the bottom button is when the jacket has only one button.

Leave labels, shipping or pin seams, and sewn pockets

Good men’s suits have seams that help protect the suit from being damaged when it is moved around. The best suits also have seams that help prevent the suit from taking on the shape of a hanger. Before you wear a new men’s suit for the first time, you need to carefully open these seams and remove any labels that might be attached.

Too many accessories

You should not put all of your things in one pocket. A men’s wedding suit is not like Scout’s clothing. Scout’s clothing has badges and pockets that bulge with camping items.