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For those planning their wedding or who have already tied the knot, you may wonder what is appropriate to share on social media and what should be kept private. After all, you want your special day to be perfect, avoiding potential social media disasters. So here are a few things to remember when sharing your wedding photos and details on social media.

All wedding details

Not all of your social media friends will be at the wedding. They will be interested in seeing photos from your holiday, but not too many. Do not turn wedding posts into spam that takes up too much space on someone else’s news feed. If you want to share every photo from your wedding, make it available only to people who want to see them. You can do it by setting up a private album on Facebook or creating a wedding website.

photos on social media

Only professional photos

You may have some talented photographers friends, and they may have offered to take some candid shots of your wedding. While this is a nice gesture, you should only share professional photos on social media. Your guests do not want to see blurry photos with bad lighting. They want to see beautiful photos that capture the essence of your special day.

Personal details

Your wedding is a personal event, and you should not share too many personal details on social media. It includes information about your gifts, dress, hair and makeup, and anything else you would not want everyone to know. If you must share some personal details, ensure that you only do so with close family and friends who you know will respect your privacy.

Negative posts

It is better to keep the negative details of the wedding and its preparation to yourself. Experiences, problems, conflicts, and other stressful situations – these moments are too personal to be flaunted. Share just what will be nice to remember yourself, and do not give others a reason to gossip.


Even if you think your wedding gift is amazing, don’t post it on social media. Seeing posts like that can make other guests think their gifts were not good enough. Liking the post is not worth hurting your friends and family. Instead of writing a post on social media about your wedding, send everyone there a thank you note. You can also send cards to your guests with personal messages.

Wedding cost

You don’t have to tell everyone how much your wedding cost. It will look like you are bragging if you post about how much money you spend on contractors, a dress, or a cake. This information is not necessary, and it can make other people feel uncomfortable.

Your wedding day is a unique event you will remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you only share this day’s positive aspects on social media and keep the negative details to yourself. It will help you avoid any potential social media disasters and ensure that your special day is perfect in every way.