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How to find a wedding dress that suits your body type? It is not a secret that the figure dramatically determines what kind of clothes look good on us. That’s why it is so important to know your proportions to not waste time and money on things that will never sit well. Therefore, we have gathered all the necessary information on picking a wedding gown according to the type of figure.

Actual classic “A-silhouette”

The name of this silhouette, spelled with a capital A, shows a cut that expands downward. It makes it suitable for all types of female figures. You can use the transformation technique with this silhouette by using the fastened details of the dress. For example, you could wear it as a maxi at a formal event or as a shorter skirt for comfort during dancing. This type of dress silhouette looks good on everyone because it is versatile. The wedding style can be classical, rustic, romantic, or French Provence.

Greek style

The Greek style is romantic and makes the bride look beautiful. The dress is loose, with flowing fabric and draperies. This style emphasizes the upper part of the body, and one distinctive feature is the high waist, which hides the stomach area. This skirt makes you feel comfortable and allows you to move more quickly. Any girl will feel like a goddess in this dress. It is also suitable for all five body types. The best length for this type of dress is a maxi. It is perfect for weddings in hot countries, by the sea, or in nature.

type of dress silhouette

Mermaid style

The mermaid style is a close-fitting silhouette that emphasizes the figure and makes it look slimmer. It is good for women with an hourglass shape, pear, or rectangle. The top part of the dress can be decorated with beads, sequins, or lace. The skirt part of the mermaid dress is usually made of dense fabric, which can be a little inconvenient. But this is compensated by the fact that the bride will look incredibly hot. This style is good for solemn events or small weddings.

Sheath style

Different straight dresses are called the column, sheath, or case. A dress like this is like a case for a jewel. The jewel is the bride at a wedding celebration. A straight silhouette makes the figure look proportional and elegant. People will admire the image during the holiday. A dress with a straight silhouette is versatile and can be transformed with the help of different types of trains, capes, and skirts. It makes it possible to wear the dress for formal and evening occasions. The simple, classic silhouette also allows you to wear any jewelry, even extravagant pieces. The best type of figure for a straight-style dress is the “hourglass.” The “apple” type of figure is unsuitable for this dress. A straight dress is appropriate for any size wedding and can be any length.