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If you have a wedding procession, you’ll want to ensure it’s decorated beautifully. There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating a wedding procession, including the flowers’ colors and the decorations’ size. You’ll also want to make sure that the decorations complement the overall theme of your wedding. Keep reading for some tips on how to decorate a wedding procession.

Decoration rules

The procession should look bright and noticeable thanks to the colorful design and the tastefully chosen decor. You should get acquainted with the basic rules that must be followed in the work process so that the car has an attractive appearance:

  • The color scheme of the decor should not contrast with the car’s body color. For example, using black and white tones for a red vehicle is inappropriate. You can make a combination of two or three colors that will be in harmony with each other;
  • Do not overload the decor. Lace, ribbons, rhinestones, and artificial flowers should be used in moderation;
  • It is better to use live plants. They can be fastened simply with wire or a fishing line. The main thing is that they do not interfere with the driver and do not create an obstacle for other road users;
  • You can use additional light sources: lanterns, garlands, etc. But it is worth considering that in the dark, they should not blind the driver and other participants in the traffic;
  • Do not use materials that are difficult to remove. For example, it is undesirable to stick posters or banners on the car body with adhesive tape – they will leave marks and will be difficult to remove;
  • Pay attention to the safety of the fasteners. They should not stick out and create an obstacle to other road users;
  • The decor should be securely fixed. If possible, it is better to use wire or a fishing line.

choosing the decorations for the procession

Choosing a color scheme

When choosing a color scheme, you should take into account the overall theme of the wedding. For example, if the wedding is in a rustic style, it would be appropriate to use more natural colors such as white, cream, green, etc. On the other hand, if the wedding is in a more formal style, you can use brighter colors such as red, pink, purple, etc. You should also take into account the color of the car. For example, if the car is white, you can use any color scheme you like. However, if the car is darker, you may want to stick to a more neutral color scheme, such as white, cream, or green.

Size of decorations

Regarding the size of the decorations, you should keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm the car. Therefore, the decorations should be proportionate to the size of the car. For example, if you’re decorating a small car, you’ll want to use smaller decorations such as ribbon, flowers, and garlands. On the other hand, if you’re decorating a larger car, you can use larger decorations such as banners and posters.

Complementing the overall theme

When choosing the decorations for the procession, you should ensure that they complement the overall theme of the wedding. For example, if the wedding is in a rustic style, you’ll want to use more natural decorations such as flowers, greenery, and burlap. On the other hand, if the wedding is in a more formal style, you can use more formal decorations such as ribbons, bows, and pearls.


When decorating the procession, you should consider the driver’s safety and the other traffic participants. The decorations should not obstruct the driver’s view or create obstacles for other road users. In addition, the fasteners should be secure, and the decorations should be firmly attached to the car.